Harry and Maggie Pirata E Tesouro Ferrugem. Girl On A Motorbike. A Change Is Gonna Come 2. Last Day On Earth.

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Swervedriver – Girl on a Motorbike Lyrics

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Son Of Mustang Ford. You Find It Everywhere Take a walk through the city Turn right at Potzdamer Platz To see a girl on a motorbike Expression carved on her face Saw a man in a cafe downtown Who says it fucks with your head When you’re tryin’ to saervedriver at night With a gun across your bed Don’t wanna be down at heel Don’t wanna be down at heel You’ve shown disgrace on my place You’ve gotta know how girrl feels Sometimes at night when it’s cold outside It would be easier and sweet To hack a road through the jungle Than clear a path down the street Too many folk in the middle lane Who don’t wanna swerve ‘gainst the rails Apathy balanced with disdain Dogs chasin’ their own tails Don’t wanna be down at heel Don’t wanna be down at heel You come breakin’ down my front door You’ve gotta know how it feels Followed the girl on a motorbike Saw her enter a bar It’s dark inside with candles burn and To liberate her scars She Spanish-dance on the table With butterflies that burn It’s like an incessant fox-hunt Too many lessons learned.


Pirata E Tesouro Ferrugem. Duel – Remastered Version 8.

The Hitcher – Remastered Version Last Day On Earth. Rap da Escola Wesley.

Swervedriver – Girl on a Motorbike Lyrics Artist: Duress – Remastered Version A Change Is Gonna Come. Make girp your selection starts and ends within the same node.

Duress – Remastered Version.

Girl On a Motorbike – Swervedriver – LETRAS

Girl on a Motorbike Girl On a Motorbike Swervedriver. Era Uma Vez Kell Smith. Top Letras Perfect Ed Sheeran. This is just a preview! Really delete this comment? Girl On A Motorbike. O Amante Thiago Matheus.

Текст песни Swervedriver – Girl On A Motorbike

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